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Alhamdolillah ! My write up on ASHARA OHBAT - Noha wa Aweel received a good response

which has motivated me to share further thoughts on Grief and Tears shed by mumineen during Muharram on the azeem musibat and bala' that befell on Imam Hussain ( S.A.).

 While trying to understand more fully on the nature of tears shed because of grief, I was amazed to find that Rose Lynn Fisher had carried out a scientific experiment, placing one hundred different samples of tears under microscope.

Every tear we shed carries with it a tiny bit of our human experience. Emotional tears contain protein based hormones that act as natural pain killers.

Herein below are two types of tears when put under a microscope. The dense is tear resulting from onion cutting,  and the other is tear of Grief.

  I have on purpose written about the scientific experiment on tears, in order to arouse your interest, and to better understand that tears are no ordinary, and they have a great depth and meaning. Tears shed on the musibat and bala' of Imam Hussain (S.A.) are the means of a mumin's emancipation and salvation.

Allah has blessed us and wired us with a divine nature - and this is FITRAH which is selfless and identified with our soul, and this divine nature in us stays even after death. Whereas TABIHA - the animal nature, that is essential for our survival, at death merges into the earth elements.

By Noha wa Aweel we are reinforcing our FITRAH and subduing our TABIHA.
 Aqa Muffadal Moula is giving Dawat to our FITRAH. The means is Noha wa Aweel. Hope this is understood properly.

Muharram is one such month, which brings it's own miracles. It makes us reflect, shed tears of grief on the tragic events of Karbala. The sufferings of Imam Hussain (S.A.) and ah'le bait tugs are souls and awakens and strengthens our FITRAH.

The tragic events of Karbala, poignant and vivid as ever, are alive these more than 1400 years and will remain so, till the day of Kayamah, not on account of learned discussions and philosophy of the tragedy of Karbala - but on account of your Noha wa Aweel mumineen !!

The zulm o sitam perpetuated by Yazeed  and his TABIHA driven henchmen has failed miserably to dampen the spirit and zeal of the true followers of Ah'le bait. Each passing year it is gathering more momentum. Just look back a few decades and realise and reflect yourself.

Muharram is the time for spiritual metamorphosis and Noha wa Aweel is the best means to bring about a faster transformation. An awakening to die before death and to visualise the eternal bliss of FITRAH induced spirituality, that brings us Nearness to ALLAH.

I end this post by quoting from the Dua Of Araf'at of Imam Hussain ( S.A.)

' My Lord what did he loose , who found YOU
And what did he find, who loosed YOU'

Please do reflect that this coming Muharram with our Noha wa Aweel, we mumineen are not going to loose anything, but are surely going to be blessed and find Nearness of ALLAH, the shafa'at of Imam Hussain (S.A.) and the khusi of our Moula Sayedna Muffadal Saifuddin  (TUS)

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Imam Ja'far Muhammad As- Sadiq ( S.A.)

Imam Ja'far Muhammad As - Sadiq ( S.A.) contributions to the advancement of Science, philosophy, literature and Irfan (Gnostics ) are stupendous but it is a matter of regret that, the Islamic world has not given due credence that his contributions to the Sciences deserve.

It is indeed very surprising at the same time perplexing that there are tombs of books, manuscripts  and references made about a few of his famous students, where as the great contributions of the true TEACHER and IMAM do not get honorable mention in the least.

Just one example from many such instances. In  Encyclopedia of Islam complied by Ahmad A'ti there are more than 400 pages devoted to Imam Shafi - a student of Imam Ja'far as Sadiq ( A.S.) where as a mere seven line mention on the Imam ( A.S.)

In Sahih al Bukhari more than a thousand narrations on  Fiqh ( Jurisprudence) and other related topics are attributed to Abu Hanifa - another student of Imam Ja'far as Sadiq ( S.A.) who studied under him for two years, but not a single narration attributed to the Imam ( S.A.) Abu Hanifa who commands a following of approx : 31 % of the Muslim Ummah largely in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other countries, and was in the habit of acknowledging at the start of his lectures that he has received knowledge from ' my Master Imam Ja'far as Sadiq ( S.A.) and he has famously been reported to say that ' if it was not for my two years of study under the Imam, I would have been finished'

If one is to ask the followers of Abu Hanifa known as ' Hanafi School' who the true teacher of their Imam was, most of them will know not.

Likewise Malik ibn Anas another student of the Imam ( S.A.) who has a following of 25 % of Muslim Ummah,  largely concentrated in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia regions, and was reported to have famously said that ' no eye has seen, no ear has heard a man of knowledge like my Imam 'as Sadiq'. Malik Ibn Anas is the center of love and devotion of his followers, who hardly know about his TEACHER - Imam Ja'far as Sadiq ( S.A.)

Another famous student was Jabir bin Hayyan ( Geber to the Orientalists ) a prominent alchemist, pharmacist, philosopher, astronomer and physicist. If one just Google  him, there will more than a lakh page hits. He acknowledged Imam as his TEACHER and famously said ' My Master taught me about Calcium and everything in Chemistry and other Sciences I learnt from him.

Ja'far ul Barmaki was a prominent personality whose daughter Hasana fell very ill and was not responsive to treatments by the experts. Some one suggested the name of Jabir Hayyan a student of Imam Ja'far as Sadiq ( S.A.) who was requested to come. On seeing the girl he immediately surmised that lack of Calcium was making the bones brittle. Under Jabir's expert treatment, Hasana bounced back to good health.

Jabir earned favors from the powerful Barmaki family, he married one of the daughters and on the fall of the Ummayads was gifted their palace Jamea ul Awami, where with his numerous students carried out scientific research.

Thus for centuries as his students became world famous the contribution of the true TEACHER the Imam was only confined to a few of his followers. A really sad state of affairs.

The contribution of Imam Ja'far as Sadiq (S.A.) to the Sciences was bought at center stage of the academia in the recent years by five Ph. D students - The Research Committee of Strasbourg - France. The thesis was translated in Persian and has become a best seller and gone into its fourth publication and Kaukali Ali Mirza has done an English translation ' The Great Muslim Scientist and Philosopher - Imam Jafar Ibn Muhammad As- Sadiq A.S. The Great Scientist and Philosopher'  This great work enlightens how the Muslim world in particular and the entire humanity is indebted to the Imam for their scientific and intellectual awakening.  

Imam Ja'far Sadiq  (S.A.) was born in 83rd Hijri (702 A.D.) during the oppressive Ummayed rule , lived for 63 years and during his life time witnessed the horrendous acts of both the Ummayed and Abbasids, but found an opportune moment for spread of knowledge as a time when the Ummayed rule was tottering and the Abbasid revolt to seize power was on the rise. 

Such was the pathetic state of the Muslim Ummah that Ummayed Khalif Walid bin Abdul Malik in a fully intoxicated state told one of his wife who was also in a drinking binge with him to lead salaat prayers. After mild protest, she did lead the Muslims in prayers, and not a single one had the courage to protest, although they were fuming inside. 

A chance meeting with Al Masoor the Ummayed Khalif in Kaba and saving him from embarrassment by answering for him a fiqh matter,resulted in his granting permission to the Imam to teach in Kufa. Thus ilm Ladunni (Divine knowledge) started to flow in torrents from Masjid e Kufa, so much so that at a given time there were about 900 halqas (circles) of students imbibing Fatemi Uloom from various teachers who had studied under Imam on different subjects, and Imam in person practicing and preaching and becoming a radiant example. 

Malik ibn Anas is reported to have said : ' I have seen the Imam engrossed in three things - fasting, salaat and teaching and tilawat of Quran' 

Imam Ja'far Sadiq (A.S.) love for knowledge started at a very young age under the tutelage of none other than Imam Zainul Abedeen (S.A.) When he was 12 years of age, his grand father -  the great Imam departed and till the age of 31 he received knowledge and guidance from his illustrious father and Imam Mohammad al Baqir (S.A.) 

At a very young age he had mastered the teachings of Philosophers of  Greek and Alexandria, and not only that he pointed out the shortcomings in their teachings. His student Hisham bin Hakim after receiving knowledge from Imam (S.A.) use to debate with atheist, and proved the existence of Allah. 

Imam Ja'far as Sadiq (S.A.) was one of the most patient and tolerant teachers of his time. If one is to read the account of his long discussion with a confirmed and powerful atheist Abu Shakir, one will realize that only Haq na saheb, and that to an illustrious Imam can patiently answer the tirades and personal affronts made by the atheist. (Those interested may read it on 
al-islam. org.

'The momentous intellectual awakening of Muslims witnessed in the second century of the Hijra was not due to Hellenic or other foreign influences, as some Western historians have recorded. It was the result of the untiring and ceaseless efforts made by the members of the Prophet's family to bring about that golden age of knowledge.' al-islam.org      

At the age of 12 years he rejected the theory of four elements of Aristotle, and stated that water, air , earth and fire were not elements but a mixture of Elements. the Imam said it 1100 years ago before European Scientists conclusively proved that air was not an element and had separated its constituents. 

Hope readers will be motivated and inspired by this short 'write up' and make sincere efforts to acquire more knowledge on the immense contributions of our Imams (S.A.) 

Ref: You Tube video ' Biography of Imam Sadiq (A.S.) Sayed Ammar Nakshawani'  

Monday, March 14, 2016


In recent weeks there have been many Whatsapp messages in our community groups, which renewed my interest on the subject Cancer. Sharing my reading and understanding on the subject, which may prove useful to those in whose family someone is undergoing treatment. 

Cell oxidation is one of the major risks in the formation of Cancer,
 the  more susceptible the cells are to oxygen, the greater the risk of getting cancer. As such, breathing of pure air is the basic need. Malignant or cancerous tumours invade tissues where they grow, often passing into blood stream and the lymphatic system forming secondary tumours at other sites known as metastasis. 

Some of the known causes are Genetic, environmental, lifestyle, harmful food constituents and psychological. 

Studies have established that there is a relationship between diet and the development of large number of malignant tumours.  The types of Cancers most closely associated with diet are colon, rectal, prostrate and breast cancers. 

Aqa Moula (TUS) has been giving a lot of emphasis on the use of Olive Oil ( Zaitun ) in cooking, and  studies have shown that olives and olive oil contain antioxidants  in abundance, and the risk of Cancer is less in those who have Mediterranean diet, that is Olives - fish - fruits and vegetables. The vitamins and antioxidants in olive oil attack the toxins. 

Studies have shown that olive oil intake reduced the number of cancerous lesions, the tumors were less aggressive and has better prognosis. Much however has to be discovered how Olive Oil affects cancer and concrete data is lacking. 

Louise Hay in her best seller ' You can Heal Your Life ' puts great emphasis on Intention, positive thinking and understanding the cause. According to her the probable cause is. - deep hurt, longstanding resentment. Holding on to deep secret or grief eating away at the self, and carrying hatred. 

She advices to repeat with faith the Intention ' I lovingly forgive and release all of the past. I choose to fill the whole world with joy. I love and approve myself. ' 

I personally feel that those who are suffering from Cancer should look inward and try to find out the deep seated hurt, resentment, hatred that they may be carrying, and then to put it in writing and repeat the intention of forgiving and release of the past. 

This mental exercise may prove helpful while one us carrying on with the allopathic or other forms of medical treatment. 

Another established form of  ancient treatment which is safe and does not interfere with or replace general forms of allopathic and other medical treatment is Energy ( Pranic ) Healing. It is rather a compliment to be tried out in good faith.   As my two sisters are Certified Pranic Healers and myself had done a Basic Course, I have witnessed first hand some of the benefits. My dependence on pain killers has lessened. 

Pranic Healing is a science that uses Laws of Nature to bring about Healing. Prana or 'ki' is that life energy which keeps the body alive and healthy.  Disease first appears in the Energy Body, and can be prevented from manifesting. The mind can influence to a certain degree the pattern if the Energy Body. There are Eleven Energy Centers or Chakras in the body. 

If the visible physical body and energy body are treated simultaneously, obviously the rate of healing will be much faster and more effective than orthodox medicine alone or Pranic Healing alone. 

The Basic Chakra located at the base of the spine has to be cleaned and energized. The energy body of a cancer patient is very depleted and congested. It is in these area where there is Pranic congestion that cancer cells thrive. Rapid growth of cells requires a lot of Pranic energy. The objective if the treatment is to relieve the patient from agonizing pain and to reduce the spread and growth of cancer cells by starving them of Pranic energy. 

Swimming in the Sea or salt water bath is very effective in removing diseased energy and the water with salt treatment will substantially clean the energy body and gradually strengthen the body and it's defense  system. This treatment us simple but quite effective and should be taken seriously. Pranic breathing in a relaxed state in a clean surrounding energizes the body. 

Eating proper food, intake of sufficient quantity of water, breathing properly, doing sufficient physical exercise, leading a moderate life style , having a calm disposition and clear and decisive mind would greatly help maintain one's physical, emotional and mental well being. 

Book Refrence : The Ancient Science And Art of Pranic Healing - Master Choa Kok Sui. 

I conclude by sharing a deep breathing exercise that I have been doing in which Intention - Prana -  Faith are integrated. Mentally it has done be world of good, as for physical benefit, this much can be vouchsafed , that I bounce back to health much faster although I have to take medicines,mid the severity of pain and discomfort is high. 

Let me share it with you. 

I inhale deeply and slowly and hold my breath , and saying mentally and bringing my subconscious awareness the following  words ' good prana is going in, I am  being healed in body - mind and spirit. Alhamdolillah.  

I exhale slowly saying ' bad prana has come out  - I am HEALED  SubhanAllah ' 

Note the positive  affirmation and Intention - Healed and Hamd of Allah. 

I repeat it 5 - 10 times depending upon my mood.

Hope you can give a try.

As I was about to publish the post, we received ' Thali' and in it were Olives - Alhamdolillah.  A'li Qdr Muffadal Moula (TUS) on whose irshaad munira, each and every mumin household around the world has received 'Thali' with Olives shows how much love and care our Aqa Moula has for us, how words are put into action.

'Shifa' is in the Olives, more so in the Doa Mubarak of Aqa Moula, in his Intention and in our partaking it with full affirmation and faith.

Saturday, May 23, 2015


Renowned Experts in the fields of Mind and Body Sciences, share their expertise and experiences during the course of three weeks of the Summit, have managed to hear a few very interesting and motivational talks, and share a few nuggets I managed to gather. 

If you are feeling interested to know more about the subject covered or a particular Expert, you can log on to the link, or Google. 

The broad aims behind the Summit are as follows: 

Discover, Learn, Believe, Transform 
Nourish Your Mind, Body and Soul
Treasure  All Of Your Experiences
True Happiness Resides Within 

Dr. Deepak Chopra talks about the place of God in our modern age.


Reality is different in different states of consciousness. 
Thought is also a veil.
Enlightment comes with unity of consciousness.
who am I ? According to my belief a repenting soul, who realised his folly immediately when he fell, and looked upon His Lord who assured that He will surely bring me back.
Who is asking the question ? An evolving and aware soul on his way faring journey towards his Lord.
As for the future of God - ultimate Reality or whatever you say. I have a gut feeling that He must surely have tuned in to the talk, andmay be having the last laugh, at us mortals, being worried about His future :))

Dr. Joe Dispenza - neouro scientist and best seeling author, discusses on how we can harness the body's innate intelligence, to improve our health and life. 


Become CEO of our own body containing trillions of cells, which also has it's own well stocked pharmacy and the ability to heal. Our thoughts make us sick, so like wise it also can make us healthy. The need is to surrender and trust. 
When we disconnect, when we become ' nobody' a miracle happens, our consiousness takes the centre stage, and in uncertainity possibilities are born.
Consciousness brings about change in the matter, creating a new personality. New experience over rides and over writes.

Louise Hay in conversastion with Robert Holden shares stories of their personal journeys, and how to create Miracles in our own life.


Try to hear the inner ding.
Most people do not need so much therapy but what they need is more clarity.
Food is not only for our tastebuds, it gives us a high but is fleeting, whereas eating with awareness helps in infusing energy to our cells, which in turn makes us healthy in mind, body and spirit. 
It is all right to feel low at times, do not tarry long, but bounce back. 
Tyranny of positive thinking :)) Accept 'what is' but move along. 
Stop judging yourself, and you will see love and beauty. 
Affirmation : Life loves me. This will pass.

Dr. David Hawkins - renowned psychriastic, researcher and spiritual teacher, delivers an unparreled talk on the relationship between body and spirit.


We are only subject to what we hold in our mind. 
Body responds to what the mind believes.
Thoughts become a programme in our sub conscious mind. 
Energy field of the body is 100 whereas that of our mind is between 400 -500 so the power of the thought overpowers our body. The body will do what the mind believes. So in order to heal we have to address the mind. Unravel the programme in the mind. 
What mind believes, the body expresses.
There is an unconscious guilt, that brings about illness.
Forgivness, compassion, not being judgemental, acceptance brings about healing.


Dr. Larry Dossey in conversastion with Dr. Wayne Dyer talks about the Power of Prayers to change the World - and You.


Twenty years ago in US there were only 3 Medical Schools who were doing scientific studies on distant / pray healings. At present there are 90 Medical Schools who are undertaking different scientific studies. So there is a positive development. 
Scientific evidences are a plenty in non locality experiments that go to prove that sub atomic particles, at great distances react with each other. Like wise prayers and intentions can bring about healings, and scientific studies at Medical Schools are proving the same. 
You have to just set the stage for your awakening. Awaken to Oneness and loving compassion and see the miracles in your life unfold. 
Do not strive too hard, let your wayfaring towards your Lord be in joy and celebration. Do not direct the outcome - trust the Universe to do the best for you, and it will not let you down for sure. 
Sell your cleverness and just be in bewilderment - Rumi

Saturday, April 4, 2015


The Conscious Mind  12 %

The Sub Conscious Mind 88 %

The Conscious Mind is your objective or thinking mind, it works in the present moment. It has no memory and can hold one thought at a time. It identifies information received through the six senses. It is continually observing and categorising what is going around you. It analyses, compares and decides. Yes/ No.  Binary thinking.

Your Subconscious Mind is like a huge memory bank. It's capacity is virtually

unlimited. It permanently stores whatever happens to you. It is most active during the first six years of our life. The function of your subconscious mind is to store and retrieve data. It's job is to respond exactly the way you are programmed.

Subconscious Mind is subjective, it obeys the command received from the

conscious mind. Your subconscious mind has what us called a homeostatic
impulse. It automatically controls your body temperature, normal breathing, heart beats, nervous system.

Subconscious Mind refers to layers or levels of perceptions, located beneath

conscious awareness. It does not like to get ruffled, it likes to work and dwell in
its comfort zone.

As Subconscious Mind is your memory bank, it carries a lot of unwanted

baggage. New Age Thinkers are trying to understand and unravel the working of
the subconscious mind, which on account of negative impressions, memories
and thinking acquired over the years, inhibits and restricts development and
growth by holding back. The subconscious mind does not want to get ruffled.

The conscious mind can be made into a very effective tool, to remove all the past negative baggage carried in the huge memory bank of the subconscious mind.

We have to delete a lot of unwanted data.

We have to first become aware. Affirm that yes we are carrying a lot of

undesirable and unwanted perceptions, hurt, suppressed anger and feelings,
which are manifesting into our lives by way of illness, fear, self pity. There is much garbage that needs cleaning up.

Let me share with you, how I go about deleting and removing the unwanted and

inhibiting impressions, that pop up at life situations, apparently seeming to help me and protect me, but in fact restricting my growth and creativity.

As stated earlier normal breathing is controlled by our subconscious mind, but once we start doing deep control breathing, becoming aware with each breath, our conscious mind takes over.

There are many better and effective ways in bringing your Conscious Mind to act as a 'change agent', one can look up on the Net or read Books. I am just sharing my ways of going about it. 

 With the help of deep breathing I send repeated subtle message to my

subconscious that now I am in control. This is how I go about it. With each deep in breath with the diaphragm pulling down, creating more space,
for the air to fill, I say with full awareness. ' good prana (life energy ) is going in, I am getting healed in body, mind and spirit, Alhamdolillah ' this I say in mind, visualising as I hold my breath.

This is followed by slow out breath and I say and visualize '  Bad prana is coming out, I am healed - SubhanAllah '

I repeat it for 6 -10 times, and I am confident that in so doing my conscious mind is able to impress on my subconscious mind, that it has now to work in this specific area, and not to send out alarm signals, and only to retrieve positive data, whenever life  situation demands.

It sends out a clear message that now I choose calmly and objectively to see my old patterns, and I am willing to make changes.

 Just reflect - Which of these statements sounds like you.

' people are out there to get me'
' everyone is always helpful' 

Each of these belief will create different experiences. What we believe about

ourselves, and about life becomes true for us.

I am also in the habit of taking daily morning walks for a duration of approx twenty minutes, and have formed a habit of listening through my ear phones to a very melodious and spiritual rendering of the Ninety Nine Names of Allah 

( duration 3.5 mins) I have been doing it for years.

However, recently I heard an interesting talk by Dr. Bruce H. Lipton ( author of the Best Seller ' Biology of Belief' ) and came to understand that our subconscious runs like a continuous tape. All our past fears, hurts,admonitions,  

and all the negative and horrific scenes, that we witness daily on the News Channels and Print Media, the violence and mayhem shown in Movies, to which we come addicted, all these get downloaded in our subconscious. 

So very recently I have started to become aware of the Ninety Nine Names of Allah, as it plays out, and as I do 'tasbih' of the Names I also affirm with full conviction that with the Power of these Ninety Nine Names of Allah, all my accumulated hurt, fear and negativity that is being played out in my subconsciousness is getting deleted. 

At the end of each rendering I say out aloud - ' delete - delete - delete ' !! It is fun, every thing does not have to be serious and sombre. You may consider me to be foolish, but for me it is working  - and that is important. It is my life after all. 

In so doing I am bringing in my awareness in the ' present moment ' living in the Present as taught by Echart Tolle (Book - The Power of Now ) affirming with my conscious mind, and having faith and full conviction that the Power of Allah's Ninety Nine Names, is deleting all that is detrimental and undesirable in my subconscious. 

Nick Ortner's Tapping Solution  (Book - The Tapping Solution for Pain Relief) Pranic Healing Therapy, there are many other proven techniques, all teach us to let go our past, and live in the present moment with full awareness. 

I conclude by sharing one of the many positive affirmation of Louise Hay (Book - You can heal your life) 

In the infinity of life, where I am 

all is perfect, whole and complete
I believe in a power far greater than I am
that flows through me every moment of every day
I open myself to the wisdom within 
knowing that there is only One intelligence in this Universe
out of this One Intelligence comes all the answers
all the solutions, all the healings, all the new creations
I trust this Power and Intelligence (now this is fundamental -putting your trust) 
knowing that whatever I need to know is revealed to me 
and that whatever I need comes to me ( tawakkul on Allah )
in the right time, space and sequence
all is well in the world. 

Hope that reading this 'write up' of mine  has come at the right time, you have given your busy life -  a space, a 'me time' to take charge of yourself and bring about healing of the Mind - Body and Soul. 

Internet Ref: Brian Tracy Com 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


An open letter to my departed sister

Dearest sister,
 I do not know if you would be able to read this in any way by any means but if you do, please do feel privileged to be living in a world much better than mine.

I am writing this to you with a sombre expression on my face, a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. I just finished watching the documentary which the BBC news channel made on you on international women's day. I am filled with both pride and shame on watching it. Pride, needless to say being you and shame, those inhuman species who took you away from us.

16th DEC 2012, the entire country stood in shock resulting from the horrendous and barbaric cruelty meted out to you and your friend. Although, in a country like ours which has become habituated to crimes against women, the sad news about you wasn't really a bolt from the blue, it still had the entire nation rooted to the spot. Such was the intensity of the crime, dear sister, I understand. I failed to even imagine the pain you must have felt for even a cursory glance from a stranger makes my blood run cold.

While you were battling between life and death, shock and shame, an unprecedented and tumultuous uproar in the form of protests was carried out at every corner of the country. You, dear sister, were the reason the entire nation was in solidarity. We couldn't take this anymore.  Seeing such outrage of extreme emotions from people I had high hopes from the law to do its best to reduce, if not totally eliminate crimes against women but sadly, sister, the scenario still remains unchanged. Every twenty minutes a woman is raped in India. Even As I write this to you, somewhere a woman is being bullied, harassed and raped while the perpetrators of your ghastly crime are probably enjoying a hearty meal in imprisonment.

Often when me and my friends walk to and from college, there are always those few pairs of eyes gazing at us lecherously. Sometimes, they purposely push us, other times they speed up their bikes to scare us. All because, we are girls. I have been punished to be a girl. I have had to curb my dreams and passions because I am a girl. I love to travel and explore new places. I want to go on trips with my friends but I must remember i am a girl, a flower that needs protection and hence I must stay home and enroll myself in household chores. I must not dare to step out of the house alone, especially after sunset, otherwise the thorn might harm the flower. I want to go to parties and have fun just like my male friends but I must not forget that I am a girl, the one who is considered more  responsible in any case with a man. Sister, I want to break free from the shackles of codes and conducts, dos and don'ts, but I must abide by them because I am a girl.

Dearest sister, I would like to make a number of  heartfelt apologies to you.

Apology on behalf of our financially handicapped govt which otherwise has a lot of fund to shell out just to be in the good books of a certain visitor from the States or to garnish sportsmen with handsome cheques. But when it comes to improving the standard of security for women in our country, their pockets are empty

Apology on behalf of our legislature and judiciary which has always failed to deliver prompt justice to the victim. Apology on behalf of the so called guardians of the people,  the police officers, for their lackadaisical attitude, for being so classless and disinterested in our matters, for supporting the false when offered money

Apology on behalf of all those selfish, self-centered people, who would make no move in helping a woman knowing she is in trouble. Of course, why would they invite trouble for themselves?

Apology on behalf of Mr Honey Singh, the blatantly sexist singer who has so conveniently made a future for himself by caricaturing women, still being a favourite son.

Apology on behalf of the masterminds behind TV soaps for always depicting women to be inferior to men.

But above all,  I owe you an excruciating and shameful apology for being unable to do anything to bring you justice.

But you have come to me and every other woman as a great inspiration. Your determination to achieve your goals against all odds is very galvanizing. I wish with all my heart that someday your dream of opening a hospital in your village is realised. 

With the shallow , shameless, adamant mindsets of a part of the male fraternity, there is  indeed a good male majority, which needs to be become more pro active in this country, it is than only that we will have  hope to live in a crime free India. On women's day I woke up to the news of a 6 year old being brutally raped in Ahmedabad.

Tomorrow again I might wake up to the news of yet another rape, if only its reported. Tomorrow again I will notice someone giving me licentious looks. The age of chivalry is dead sister. Humanity has failed.  Dearest sister, like I said, please do feel privileged to be living in a world much better than mine. You might not be the nearest to us but you are definitely the dearest. You are not just a daughter to your parents, you are "India's Daughter"

- From a helpless younger sister


E Mail : umaima.ak@gmail.com

Friday, March 6, 2015


Having heard so much uproar on the Documentary, I pushed the play button with much trepidation, thinking of seeing gut wrenching narration, and graphics, but I found the Documentary to be well made covering all aspects of the Nirbhaya incident. No prolonged wails and dramatic outbursts. I am wondering why the Indian Govt has to ban it ? The opinions of the experts and all connected with the incident, is laid out before the public in a very decent format minus theatricals. Some of the Hindi soap that are dished out on TV has more wailing and more gut wrenching scenes. Prolonged cries and hearty laughter of the goons.

Let me share with you a personal experience. I went to the Barbers for a shave around noon, the ideal time for family Hindi soaps on TV. One was playing out above my head,and although I was not able to watch it, as I had surrendered my face to the barber, I could hear the audio.

From the audio I surmised that a villain was acting tough and was in the act of  ruining the modesty of the lady protagonist, and for more than 5 minutes she was pleading, begging to let her go, and amid continuous loud wailing. I was feeling so disgusted, the wails and the cries were unbearable, so as the first part of the shave was over, I requested the barber to change the channel forthwith.

Now these type of soaps need to be banned, not this Documentary, which has a very understated tone, and tries to portray the thoughts of all those associated with the case.

At the end of the Documentary, the grieved father reflects on her Jyoti who has become a symbol - he makes a profound observation by stating ' a storm arose, and has passed, but what is important, is what is left after the storm' now that is very important. If her sacrifice has not been able to change the mindset of the country, her sacrifice is in vain, no lesson has been learnt. I was aghast to read the report that out of 10,000 foetus found in a hospital 9900 plus ( forget the exact number) were of girl child. Shocking indeed. Banning the Documentary shows the mindset still needs to be changed.